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We have accrued a number of recipes over the years that use Boddington's Berries products. Now, these are not just about which conserve to put underneath the cream on your cream tea (#jamfirst!) or which chutney works best in your sandwiches. We have worked with different chefs who have come up with a range of recipes.

It's always great to hear from you! So, if you have any recipes which you think we should be shouting about, then please contact us and we will add them to the website. Remember to tag us in all your bakes using the hashtag #boddingtonsbakes so we can see what you have been up to!

If you are lucky enough to purchase some of our incredible, mouth-watering, fresh strawberries during the summer months, the following recipes will give you an idea on how you could use them...

* Slice strawberries, very lightly dusted in muscovado sugar, then gently fried in unsalted butter. Serve over ice cream, as a filling for
pancakes or as a topping for waffles.
* Strawberries blended with banana and ice-cold milk.
* Chopped strawberries added to your salad - sweet or savoury.
* Chopped strawberries marinated in Cointreau for 30 minutes, then served with either ice cream or cream.
* We all know about strawberries and cream, but have you tried cream and strawberries? Whip the double cream until it peaks, then gently fold in strawberries, top with a sprinkle of brown sugar and add a sprig of mint for a fabulous dessert.
* And for complete indulgence; try floating a strawberry or two in your next glass of champagne or prosecco!

Of course, you can eat strawberries, but did you know that they are great for the skin? Here are some more unusual applications for strawberries...

Strawberry Sunburn Care
Are you someone that loves to lie in the sun all day and forgot to put sun cream on? Well for mild sunburn, take a few fresh strawberries and rub them over the affected area. Leave the juice on for at least half an hour, then wash it off with warm water. This will reduce the soreness of the burn.

Strawberry Milk lotion
With their high vitamin C content, strawberries are ideal for softening and nourishing the skin. The pH acidity of the strawberry is almost exactly the same as that of the skin itself. So, extract the juice from some fresh strawberries and add a little warmed milk. Apply to your face and leave overnight, or at least for a few hours. Then risen off with rose water for a beautiful complexion!

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day! - Chocolate chip pancake stack with Cornish Strawberry Syrup! This delicious fluffy pancake stack recipe is perfect for Pancake day or whenever you fancy a sweet but filling treat. We used free-range eggs from our Boddington's Hens for this re ...

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Raspberry Ripple Profiteroles

These raspberry and white chocolate profiteroles are a versatile recipe and a great combination of flavours. Inspired by Lewis Brown a local chef who we have been working closely with at Boddington’s - @chef_lewis_brown - In this recipe, we used raspberry c ...

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Kate's Strawberry Pavlova

As we start picking fresh strawberries - why not try Kate's use of both the fresh fruit and Strawberry Vinegar? ...

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French Toast with Strawberry Conserve and Custard

This French Toast is the ultimate morning treat. Try with our other jams, or add cinnamon or icing sugar for an extra garnish. ...

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Meva Messy

Meva Messy is our take on a classic strawberry dessert but we use a splash of Boddington’s Strawberry Vinegar for some delicate acidity. We like to think of this as a seriously decadent cream tea in a bowl, but beware: this dessert comes with an official Bodd ...

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Strawberry and Elderflower Sorbet

This classic pairing serves as a wonderfully refreshing summer dessert. ...

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Jam 'n’ Cream Biscuits

These ‘not so little biscuits because I used a rather large cookie cutter’ are so easy to make and look amazing! Feel free to use your own biscuit recipe if you have a personal favourite. ...

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Raspberry Almond Macaroons

Light and elegant macaroons filled with delicious raspberry jam. ...

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Burnt Brioche with Marmalade

Burning food is all the rage at the moment with chefs and this slightly-burnt toast recipe is easily done. Burnt brioche works really well as the sweetened and bread is complimented by the bitter sweet marmalade, the thyme-infused honey adds a fragrant element ...

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Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble

This classic crumble recipe has a few hidden surprises with the ginger and coconut combination but it is a real crowd pleaser. Serve with cream, ice cream or fresh strawberries. ...

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Boddington's Trifle

This trifle recipe can use up all sorts of left over fruit and biscuits. Try it with our different conserves for some fruity fun! ...

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Easy Jam Tarts

These easy jam tarts are sure to be a family favourite! Any flavour of our Boddington's Berries conserves can be used (we've used blackberry and raspberry) so pick your favourite or try something new - they'll be ready in less than half an hour if you use read ...

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