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New Native Workers in Residence!

This weekend saw the introduction of our Native Bumble Bee Bed & Breakfast. We have got roughly 240 bees spread over 3 hives ready to help with the pollination of our Strawberry plant flowers. With the sun out today, we have seen first sight of a few flowers and busy bees out to work. Until we have an abundance of flowers we will be feeding the bees supplementary pollen.

We have chosen to release bumblebees into the growing environment due to the positive impact they have on our crop, such as their high pollen transfer capacity. They are hard workers (so will fit in well here), often active from early morning until late evening. As well as this they are able to fly and work in poor weather conditions. Strawberry plants that are pollinated by bumblebees tend to have a higher yield, less misshapen fruits, and increased shelf life. At 75p each they’re a good investment and even better once their work is done they are FREE to do as they please in the wild!