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Click and Pick - end of season.

Thank you to everyone that booked and came for PYO this year.

The season for 'Pick your own' began at the end of June where we trialled three days of timed slots, which was a great success. From this, we started running several sessions over a 4 week period mainly on weekends for families.

How we went around PYO:
To adhere to COVID regulations and safety measures, we set up a booking system where you could book a 1-hour time slot for 1-5 people. There were 15-minute intervals between each booking which allowed each group to have a tunnel each to stick to the 2-metre social distancing rule.

To make bookings easy for our customers, we came up with a set price for the 1-hour slot rather than basing it on the weight of the strawberries at the end of the picking session. This allowed for unlimited strawberries (the more containers brought the better)!

The crop has now finished, so that is it for this year. We hope you all enjoyed the experience and are excited to see you all next year, Stay Safe.

Photo credits to; Emma Wilder and Tasha Hicks for the wonderful photographs taken at PYO!