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Bio Control

Bio Control

Just like us humans, strawberries sometimes need a little extra help with their health. This is where we look to bio control. Instead of using pesticides to kill vine weevil, we use mother nature to our advantage to reduce (and omit) any vine weevil that might be present in our plants by using nematodes.

Bio control

We use microscopic parasites to combat vine weevil in our strawberry plants. Vine weevil are effectively little beetles. The adults donít cause as much harm because all they do is nibble the leaves. Itís the Larvae that really damage the plants. Larvae you say? Larvae destroy the roots in a strawberry plant which means the plants have limited access to food and water. This results in lack of vigour, wilt and if the number of larvae increase, the plant will eventually die. *wipes tear from cheek*

Sad, right?

So anyway, back to nematodes.

We release 50 million nematodes into the drip irrigation system. We counted them out and, wait a minuteÖ no we wonít be counting them back in again.

By releasing these powerful champions into our irrigation system, they can tackle the vine weevil throughout the whole plant (by tackle we mean eat). Irrigation? Thatís the watering system.

Hey presto, there you have it!