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Bee Appreciation- April

Bee Appreciation- April

This month we are celebrating all the hard work our native bumble bees do to produce the tasty strawberries we grow here on the farm at Boddingtons.

The bees we have are bombus terrestris audax a common native bee called the buff-tailed bumble bee.

They help to pollinate our strawberry plants to produce a perfect heart shaped strawberry; this happens when every seed is pollinated otherwise misshaping can occur.

Did you know? FUN FACTS

Bumblebees live together in family groups. Each family lives in a nest ruled by a queen who is helped by her daughters (called worker bees).

The UK imports 65,000 colonies annually to pollinate food crops e.g. strawberries and tomatoes.

97% of our wildflower habitats have disappeared in the last 80 years- making two species of bumble bees extinct and 8 species endangered.

British gardens cover over a million acres- the more flowers you plant the more you are helping give these bumble bees a habitat.

There are 24 different species of bumble bees- they all have 4 wings and they beat 130 times every second during flight.

LINK TO BUMBLE BEE CONSERVATION TRUST- if you would like to help protect these bumble bees which are becoming endangered within the UK, then check out this link. beeconservation

Another way to contribute to the habitat for bees is by having a go at planting your own flowers in the comfort of your own garden. Why not try Sunflowers and some purple flowering Wisteria- the bees would love it!

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