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Local Strawberry Update - 27.04.20

With the wonderful weather, our strawberry crops have flourished. Our pickers were up in the early hours harvesting the berries into our new compostable card punnets. On Friday we delivered our first lot of berries to local businesses and yesterday we delivered to a variety across mid-Cornwall. Keep an eye out tomorrow as Ellie ...

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Berry Exciting News

First, they were green, then they were white and now they are turning RED!!

We have found our first couple of red strawberries and are roughly a week to 10-days away from getting them into the shops! Also excited about revealing our new cardboard punnets. Keep an eye on our social media and website for up-to-date informa ...

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Bee Happy

Week 2 of ‘lockdown’ almost over. We hope you are keeping yourselves busy at home. Like we said last week if you find yourself with nothing to do why not give one of our recipes a go from our Read More

New Native Workers in Residence!

This weekend saw the introduction of our Native Bumble Bee Bed & Breakfast. We have got roughly 240 bees spread over 3 hives ready to help with the pollination of our Strawberry plant flowers. With the sun out today, we have seen first sight of a few flowers and busy bees out to work. Until we have an abundance of flowers we wil ...

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Grandad is out of retirement!

All go on the farm this week. We have been busy planting the glasshouse with Elsanta Strawberry plants. It was a race against time to get them in. Luckily Grandad was able to give us a helping hand. It's good to see he has still got it!

BB x ...

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What is Boddington's Strawberry Conserve?

The sun has been back shining over Mevagissey and the farm this week. Finally!

Apart from the ongoing steady growth of our Elsanta plants (see picture) the crisp temperature has meant that farm life has quietened down. So, we decided to take the camera in and behind the scenes of the factory. Where our best-seller, Strawberr ...

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New Year, New Growth

A mild December and January have given the Strawberry plants we planted just before Christmas, the opportunity to show off the first signs of growth.
How exciting!
If all goes to plan, and we don't experience any CrAzY weather, then we should be able to start picking in April

The next step on the farm is to hide from #Stor ...

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What's Been Happening On The Farm This Week?

We have started planting strawberries for 2020!! Here's Phil Boddington planting Elsanta. Elsanta has a delicious taste and is a perfect variety for our Strawberry conserve.
The first crop should be ready in April. Let's hope they grow successfully!

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Out with the old, in with the new…

Useful words

Crown: the very centre of the plant. The bigger and well formed the crown, the more flowers therefore the more strawberries.

Before removing the dead leaves, our plants may have looked… dead. That isn’t a very nice word to describe our strawberries so let’s go with ‘not as alive as you would hope’. But now ...

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Bio Control

Just like us humans, strawberries sometimes need a little extra help with their health. This is where we look to bio control. Instead of using pesticides to kill vine weevil, we use mother nature to our advantage to reduce (and omit) any vine weevil that might be present in our plants by using nematodes.

Bio control

We u ...

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Strawberry Facts

In Season: Late April – October

Nutritional Value: High in vitamin C, fibre and folic acid. Some say strawberries whiten teeth…

Buying: Choose strawberries that are bright red with leaves intact. Smaller berries are usually sweeter and more flavoursome than the larger berries! Obviously, avoid soft or mouldy strawber ...

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