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Here at Boddington's Berries, we have the facilities to collaborate with you to create bespoke products. The possibilities are endless; utilise a combination of our experience and your imagination to create a unique recipe, source quality ingredients, and design eye-catching packaging and labels. A collaboration with us allows you the freedom and ability to create a product that is personal and unique to you and your business. We can tailor every aspect of the production to you and your requirements.

How it works:

If you simply would like your own label on our product, we ask you to organise the design and print of the labels. These need to be on a roll, with the right edge leading off the roll. There is no minimum order for this.

We are happy for you to supply your own packaging, though for us to also label, the containers need to be round. Again, there is no minimum order if the product is our own line.

For bespoke recipes, we are happy to follow your recipe with an initial small batch. There will be a nominal charge per test batch, which is refundable from your first order. Once a recipe is agreed upon, orders can be placed with a minimum run equivalent to approximately 100 x 340g jars.

If you have a recipe idea that you would like us to formulate, we can also do this - offering two or three cooked versions for you to choose from. There would be a nominal fee for this, refundable from your first order. The minimum batch run would be around 100 x 340g jars.

Foil top products have a minimum run of around 1200 pots. We are currently set up to do 28g portions, but it is possible to also do a 50g portion. Design and print of the labels would again be down to the customer, however, we can assist with this. A minimum run of these labels would be 5000 pots.

Everything is cooked in an open pan, producing quality products. We are also SALSA audited, allowing for full traceability and peace of mind. We have built a good rapport with our current customers and offer a professional, personalised service.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions by emailing, phoning 01726 842346, or Click Here to fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

Some examples of our work are shown below.

Our recipe - Customer label.

We work with Cornish Cream using our strawberry conserve recipe and our individual portion pot and pop on their own designed label top. ...

Bespoke recipe - Customer label

We work closely with Tregothnan Estate, producing a rare and divine Kea Plum Jam, using THEIR plums grown on the Tregothnan Estate. The plums are picked and then prepared by us for jam making; once made, we return the jars to Tregothnan for labelling.


Our product - Customer label

Mango is a wholesaling company in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. We use our jam, our jars but their own labels, as shown in the 113g and 48g jars. ...

Bespoke recipe - Customer label

Baker Tom asked us to develop a Blackberry Jelly and a Pear Chutney. They also use our Apple Chutney, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry Conserve and Strawberry Conserve recipes and then we use their labels on our jars. ...

Our product - Customer packaging

Letterbox Hampers take our own products but supply us with their own jars and labels to package into. ...